Go Do

Lisbeth Essays

Stop putting things off. You’re not going to wake up younger tomorrow.

You’re probably also not going to wake up suddenly hotter, smarter, or richer. Sorry, but the Magic Fairy will not gift you the power of the L-sit, the muscle-up, or the 300lb clean. You’re going to have to earn what you want.

But there is good news: Hard work can give you pretty much everything but more days in your life. It can’t perform miracles: You’re not suddenly going to have a 250lb front squat or the sprinting power of Usain Bolt. But you can max out what you’ve been given, and that will be enough.

I know everything sounds difficult. Most things are, and there will be no bands playing, no drummers drumming. Just you and a lot of effort, sweat, and tears. It will be lonely, maybe even when you’re in a crowd.

But it will be worth it.

None of us is getting any younger. Moreover, some of us will never get older. My nephew is seven months now in the ground.

Stop putting things off. Place your phone on the table. Shut down your iPad. Ignore the trivial. Go do.

Lisbeth Essays

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