Fear: 1

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life

You can let fear chase you

Change you, quiet you.

Kill words on your tongue, before they get past your lips.

You can fail the lift before you even pick up the bar.

Or you can chase fear.

Put that menace on the run. Don’t accept what pops into your head in the night, in the dark, when you doubt your love, when you doubt yourself, and other voices seem to sing so clearly, so smartly. “Take our advice. We know better.”


Walk though, boldly through the small, scared moments before you wrap your fingers around your destiny. Remember, fear is a coward. He does not care for your bravery, which trumpets his defeat.

Speak as you want to be heard, without thought of how you will be heard.

Just you, as you are.

You can stomp fear.

Because he was never your friend, merely a distraction.

Go ahead, lift the bar.

You’ve always had the power to free yourself.

Use it.

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life

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