What You Take On

Lisbeth Essays, Life

What you take on. You decide this every day of your life. Every day. Whether you want to admit it or not.

You listen, you accept, you internalize. Good and bad, but all consuming of your time in some way. Your time.

You only get so much time, you know.

And the time you give away to junk? To nothingness, to annoyances, to flipping out on something that doesn’t matter that much, that will never matter that much, but which satisfies your ever-reaching, ever-bleeding, energy-sucking, relentless, egoistic need to prance and pout and revel in your own beauty as a special snowflake?

That time includes a lot of bullshit you should leave be.

Put down the mental junk and walk away.

There’s a brighter path around the corner. Drop the burdens you don’t need, and sprint towards it. Stop taking on, and watch yourself take off.

Lisbeth Essays, Life

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