Which Path Will You Choose?

Lisbeth Inspiration

If we don’t act on our words, what have we done?

Filled the air with thought. And the first breeze reduces and eliminates.

If you would have people point at you and say, “THAT is a person of substance” … then you must act. No matter the pain to you, no matter the cost.

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The fear will always be there; you simply must learn to knock it down again and again, like some paper lion that springs up to stop those whose hearts are not true enough or who cannot see this loud and growling beast is not real. And even if he were real, would that stop you? If so, perhaps you should sit on the bench behind the fence with the other timid souls and count the days you are breathing, instead of the days you have truly lived.

This I know: Either you are brave in this life, or you will spend many days regretting that you only said but never did.

The sigh of regret or the exhale of accomplishment: both are air being pushed from your lungs, devoid of taste (it is just air after all) yet one will feel so much sweeter than the other. Don’t fret about how that is possible, just know that it is. And point your actions down the path of your words.

Or don’t. And fade like the lily. It was once beautiful too.


“What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace.” — Paulo Coelho, “Manuscript Found in Accra”

Lisbeth Inspiration

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