Why Are You Tolerating Mediocrity?

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In class—any class, whether it’s CrossFit, a writing class, golf lesson, mountain biking camp, seminar, etc.—I have three minimum requirements:

  • Warm me up.
  • Keep me safe.
  • Teach me something.

Three things. That’s not a long list, and no one item is absurdly difficult to accomplish.  All are reasonable requests.

Then why is this List of 3 so hard to fulfill? I can count many times that I’ve walked away from a sub-par experience, and it’s not just because I have high standards. People have failed to deliver on this list of requirements because, simply, it’s not as easy to accomplish as it looks.

Each task in that list requires focus, commitment, drive, energy, and inspiration. The instructor has to bring it. Besides the knowledge (hopefully) present in the instructor, that instructor must also be able to present the information in a compelling manner and adapt to the situations that present themselves within the class structure.  That’s what I mean by “bring it.” Bring your knowledge, but also bring your adaptability, your wit, your love, your strength, your compassion, your everything. Otherwise, you’re dialing it in, and sending us all on the Road to Mediocrity.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you’re instructing people and you can’t bring it every class, maybe you need a break, or maybe you need a different job. Or, if you’re the participant in a class where you’re consistently tolerating mediocrity (and putting up with inadequate instruction), then you need to speak up (or let your feet do the walking). And if you’re the boss watching this happen in your business, you need to act now, while you still have a business.

Quite the opposite. Mediocrity is a fungus that spreads quickly. So stop tolerating it. Insist on excellence and you’ll find that, very often, excellence is what you’ll eventually get.

Lisbeth Business, CrossFit, Essays, Fitness, Life

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