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Old time bad ass bitches

Bitches, stop being afraid.

Own who you are.

If you’re nice, own that. If you’re a bitch, own that too. (Remember that “bitches get stuff done.”) If you’re both nice and a bitch when you need to be, bravo!

But, wherever you are in life or simply this day, grab it with both hands and embrace it. This is the moment you are in right now, this is who you are — and that’s okay. We all have flaws and we all have strengths. The important thing is that we keep working to improve ourselves and this world.

There’s an old Gladys Knight and the Pips song called “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination” in which the Pips sing “You’re too strong not to keep on keepin’ on.” Gladys simply replies: “Yes, I am.” (Check out this fabulous old “Soul Train” dance line to this song.)


Modern day bad ass bitches

Modern day bad ass bitches

Yes, I am. No apologies. Gladys acknowledges that she’s strong and she’s going to keep going.

Be like Gladys. Simply own all of you are. Be able to say “Yes I am” with zero equivocation.

I am too strong to stop.

Too strong to eat bullshit.

Too strong not to live life as who I am.

Too strong not to live my life while I’m here. (No deathbed regrets. Don’t be that person. Do and say what needs to be done and said right now.)

Too strong to hide my love, hide my light, or hide my strength. And I refuse to apologize for that strength.

Too strong not to help someone else.

Too strong.

The whole world can just put on their big girl (or boy) pants and deal with it.

Some people hate the word “panties” — this photo is for them

Yes I am.

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Lisbeth Essays, Inspiration, Life, Motivation

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