How Small Is Your Circle?

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Look at your circle of friends.

Do you have friends who are:

  • Not native-born to your country?
  • Not of your gender?
  • Not of your race?
  • Not of your sexual orientation?
  • Not of your age?
  • Not of your religion? (Or religious, if you are not religious?)
  • With kids? Without kids?
  • And, for some of you, not CrossFitters? (Gasp!)

If you don’t, I highly suggest you find some. 

One of the really cool ways to understand this world—your world—is to see it through through the eyes of others. To experience different viewpoints. To be able to look at things from a fresh perspective. This helps you in your work and your relationships and your life more than you imagine.

Sure, you can get other viewpoints from books and movies and the news, but the best place you can get other viewpoints is directly from other people. 

Then pay attention to what they say and how they look at the world.

It’s a really big and diverse world—there’s no reason to limit your view of it. Open yourself up. You’ll be glad you did.


If you rarely walked down the street to the ocean, you might forget how big and beautiful and wondrous it is.


Lisbeth Essays, Life

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