Stop Trying to Please Everyone

Lisbeth Essays, Mindset

Stop trying to please everyone.

No matter what you say or do, someone won’t like it. You either said it too strong, too weak, or not just right enough. You were too pushy, not forceful enough, not funny enough, not fit enough, notnotnotnotnot. 

Oh, who gives a shit?

You. Not them. They just sat back and criticized. That’s super easy to do.

Everyone doesn’t have to like you. Everyone shouldn’t like you. That’s not how life works, and that’s okay. There are people who hate vanilla ice cream and deadlifts. Go figure. 

So the next time someone disagrees with you or makes a snide remark or throws a rock at you, don’t stress much. Smile and ask them what they’ve created or done lately. But don’t wait for the reply, because there likely won’t be one. 


This life is made up of people who take risks, get real, get vulnerable, throw their hearts on the table, kick ass, persevere and just plain rock … and it’s made up of people who complain and do nothing. The only thing you really have to figure out is which group you’re in and whether you want to stay there.


Lisbeth Essays, Mindset

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