15 Lessons From the 50 Marker

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  1. When it’s dark, it can (and most likely will) get darker. But that’s okay. This is when the real test comes. Be ready for it.
  2. The only way out is not through. Sometimes, you pull the ejection handles. That’s what they’re there for. There is no glory in riding your jet into the dirt. If you must, figure out as graceful an exit as you can muster. Sacrifice is noble if it is necessary.
  3. Don’t listen to the folks telling you the way to survive this world is to be tougher. That’s their way. Find your own way, and remember that it’s okay to mix tough and kind in appropriate measures.

  4. Age is the biggest bullshit factor in our society. Toss that concept and do what you want. Dress the way you want, wear your hair the way you want, say what you want. Nobody lives in your skin but you, so don’t let the others determine what you should do. Toss “should” out the motherf***ing window.
  5. Lift the weights: physical, mental, and spiritual. For all your days. You’ll be better for it.
  6. That’s the easy thing to do. Stay the course for as long as it’s healthy for you.

  7. Listening might be one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other. It costs nothing. Put down your devices, look at the people in your life, shut your mouth, and listen. Absorb what they are saying. Watch their spirits soar at feeling heard. This is good. Do this as often as you can. It will become addictive.
  8. People will tell you each decade is harder. They’re wrong. Each decade is better if you choose to see it that way. 
  9. Being on time for anything is a struggle. But if it’s important to the person you’re meeting, make the effort. It shows you care.
  10. The weight in your head is the weight on your back. You can make it lighter or heavier with your thoughts. Choose carefully what you put in your head.
  11. Jackie O was right: “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”
  12.  You can’t care too much. Yes, you can care and get burned. Oh, so what. Life is about crashing and getting up again. Crash, rise. Crash, rise. Crash, rise. So much better than always driving the speed limit or staying in the parking lot. Scars aren’t just sexy: scars are proof that you lived while you were here.
  13. There will be losses, many losses. Too many for you to bear, but you will bear them. The young ones will be the hardest. But now you must live for you and for them. Remember, and live.

Lisbeth Inspiration, Life, Love, Mindset, Motivation

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