The Power of a Simple Greeting

Lisbeth Business

A small and brilliant piece of marketing by Facebook.

This post showed up at the top of my FB page this morning and, despite me knowing it was automated, it worked. This little sign made me like FB a tiny bit more. In such a time of strife in our world, when FB can get very heated and ugly, here was a civil respite that my soul craved without knowing I was craving it.

What exactly did FB do to accomplish this? They greeted me by name, thanked me for being there, and didn’t try to sell me a damn thing.

Every single one of us wants to feel appreciated just for being us, before we are anyone or anything else to anybody. Just us.

Now let me ask this: Are you doing this to your customers every day? Greeting them by name and expressing your appreciation simply for their presence? Remember, before people are customers, they are human beings in need of appreciation and love just like you and me.

[Tweet “Are you doing this for your family and friends every day? “]

Making them feel loved just for being in your life? Not for what they do or the money they make or the grades they earn or the games they win or whatever. Appreciating them just for being them.

If not, get on it right now. See how your relationships deepen and improve.

Simple acts can make a difference.

“Good morning, you! Thanks for being here. Enjoy this place today.”

Lisbeth Business

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