Are You Waiting for a Change of Heart?

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lake and waterfall form heart shape

“I’m just waiting for your change of heart. It just takes a beat to turn it around again.”

It was an old Cyndi Lauper tune that Spotify Radio decided to dump into my brain one morning.

And, despite the peppy pop music, all I could think was, “Hell no.”

Don’t wait for anyone else’s change of heart.

What are you saying about your own worth if you are holding your life still in the hope that someone else values you? Hint: it’s not so good.

Sister, get your head right. Brother, pick yourself back up.

You have worth just by virtue of being here. The love that other people give to us is amazing and wonderful and all the best parts of life rolled into one … but if you don’t love yourself first, it will never be enough. So don’t chase a ghost you can’t ever catch. Don’t wait for anyone else’s change of heart. Patch up your bruised heart and carry on.

Value yourself, and then watch who shows up in your life. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

lake and waterfall form heart shape


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Lisbeth Essays, Life, Mindset

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