When You Reach the Point of No More

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Sometimes in life you reach a point and you’re done. DONE.

  • Not one more word.
  • Not one more breath.
  • Not in this same way.

It’s not a point in a workout, but a point in your personal situation where (like Elizabeth Gilbert says), “Your soul is appalled.”

Appalled. Appalled at what you’ve let happen, what you’ve tolerated, what you’ve put up with. Yesterday? You could still live with it. But suddenly not anymore. The limit has been passed.

When we’re young, this point arrives with drama, maybe some yelling. When we’re older, it arrives silently … and it’s scarier this way. There’s this odd silence in your head, even when people are speaking. You are here and not. You might still have a smile on your lips … but your eyes say gone.

You will not return to the land of garbage.

This point of no return is not pleasant and it hurts. I’d love to say it will only happen once or twice in your life … but I’d be lying. It might happen once or it might happen a thousand times. All I know is that you need to pay attention when you reach it.

  • Notice what you are feeling
  • Notice what you will no longer tolerate.
  • And recognize that it’s okay to put yourself first.
  • What need did this situation serve? (It served some need or you wouldn’t have tolerated it.)
  • Why did you let it continue?
  • And what made you reach the turning point?

Gather your lessons learned. Gather all of them.

Nothing was wasted. Nothing is ever wasted. That’s the talk of bitter fools who aren’t interested in getting better. But you are interested. You want. You dream. You hope. And you work hard.

Now, go run free. And show me how beautiful and strong and kind you can be in your glorious freedom.

Lisbeth Essays, Life, Mindset

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