Podcast: Hit Play, Not Pause

Lisbeth Mindset

Listen to my latest interview on the “Hit Play, Not Pause” podcast from Live Feisty Media!

Full of inspirational stories and mindset tips, this conversation with host Selene Yeager is a lot of fun. Besides, where else are you going to discover a secret game to play with your mind when you’re dying on the rower or a better way to count reps?

Or, as Hit Play, Not Pause put it:

“What keeps you going when the curtains start to fall at mile 19 of a marathon? How do you get up and charge again 3 days into a 6-day stage race? What makes the difference between picking up a kettlebell or a bottle of wine at the end of a long, hard, tiring day?

Mental strength.

The muscle between your ears is what keeps you going when the going gets hard.

The opposite is true, too. When life is kicking your ass, being physically strong helps you muster the mental strength you need to persevere.

This week’s guest Lisbeth Darsh, author of Strong Starts in the Mind talks all about mental strength, how to build it, and how to use it, especially when menopause knocks you back on your heels. Lisbeth is a former CrossFit executive and aircraft maintenance officer on fighter jets in the U.S. Air Force. Today, she is a proponent of Street Parking, a new workout system that makes CrossFit type training more accessible to people without access to a gym or a lot of equipment.”

Listen here. (Or find it on your favorite podcast app.)



Lisbeth Mindset

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