Deadlift Sleep: The BEST

Lisbeth Fitness

woman standing with barbell and heavy weights in her hands in a deadlift

I never sleep better than the night after I deadlift.

Boom. Out like I’m on drugs.

I am on drugs. Iron drugs. Weight pried from the ground with strength and desperation while I fight gravity like my life depends on it. Because maybe it does. And this is the biggest hit my central nervous system will take all week in addition to being the most important.

The sleep is deep but not crazy dream deep where cartoon characters are making my bed or some doctor from Grey’s Anatomy is eating bagels in my kitchen.

Just blissful deadlift-I’m-so-tired sleep.

It’s like Reason #987,000 for loving deadlifts. Yet there are STILL people out there who don’t deadlift or (gasp!) don’t like to deadlift. I don’t understand that and I’m not sure I ever will. But there are people who don’t like dogs and I don’t understand that but okay whatever. “Takes all types” as my mom used to say.

What workout do you sleep best after?

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Lisbeth Fitness

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