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Barbell Therapy (Or, Why It’s Okay to Sweat Out Your Anger)

Sometimes, to push myself physically to the ends of myself is the only way to find anything close to what resembles peace in this confusing world.

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The Barbell Mindset Poem (That Might Trick You)

Read this poem going down. Then read it going up.

Mindset is vastly important to success.

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Why You Should Date a Woman Who Loves the Barbell

Because we have attitude, and we own it. There are no apologies to be given for speaking our minds, speaking our hearts, or standing up for what we believe in.

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Barbells and Haiku

For one special day, I wrote haiku for new supporters of my Kickstarter project. Enjoy!

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The Barbell Didn’t Give a F**k

The barbell sat on the platform: lazy, indolent, insouciant. It had always been apathetic. Maybe that's why she had to care so much about the lift, about the action, about the movement. Because the barbell didn't give a f**k.
The others watched, in between their own lifts. They had no idea what really went on in her mind. They assumed she was lost in technical reminders, or movement tips.
Tight mid-line. Engage your hammies. Deep breath.
Maybe a little psych-up self-talk: You can do this. The bar is light. Get this.
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