Movement Is Born of Frustration

Lisbeth Mindset

Movement is born of frustration.

Think about it. Movement is born of frustration. Babies crawl because they’re sick of sitting there in their stupid outfits, with their silly hats, and adults talking to them in funny voices. They’re trying to get the hell away from us. They want to explore the world and they’re sick of sitting and laying around.

Same thing with adults and pull-ups, or push-ups, or running, or push jerking, or whatever you’re trying to do.

You get sick of getting your a** handed to you. You’re tired of being weak or slow or afraid of handstand push-ups. You’re sick of being the girl who can’t do pull-ups. You don’t want to be the guy who can’t deadlift more than his own bodyweight.

So you start moving.

You kick your frustrations in the head and do something about them. Movement is born of frustration. Get mad and get your butt in gear. Move. Do it today. Life is short enough. There is no reason to waste any more time.

Lisbeth Mindset

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