Only Some Things Matter

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I don’t care about your politics.

I don’t care who you voted for, why you did so, or what you think about any bill in Congress.

I don’t care about your sexual orientation, your gender, your car, or your bank account. These things don’t really matter to me.

What do I care about? Your heart and your mind, in the gym and outside of it.

I care that your heart and mind are strong. I’m not talking about high intelligence here. If you’ve got that, more power to you — but what I’m talking about is a strong mind, one that can take you through the pain of life and bring you back home again. I want you mentally tough. It will serve you well inside the gym and outside of it. Be strong. 

I care that you’re honest. That you tell the truth. That you don’t cheat your reps and don’t short your motions. I care that if no one is watching and your wall-ball misses the target, that you don’t count it. It wouldn’t be right.

I care that you always do your best, but I don’t care whether there’s an “RX” next to your name or not.  

I care that you’re kind. That you’re polite to your gym mates, that you’re caring with your partner, and that you never leave your dog’s water bowl empty.

I care that you leave your ego at the door when you enter this gym. And that you learn to care more about working towards who you could become than staying who you are. One of those things matters a lot. The other doesn’t mean much here.

The workout is our common language. Leave all that other bullshit at the door.

Lisbeth Darsh CrossFit, Daily Archives, Fitness, Life, Motivation

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