A CrossFit Prayer

Lisbeth Essays

May the bar feel light.

May the bar be heavier than you think you can handle.

May you handle it.

May the run be uphill so you will work harder.

May the wind be against you, so you really earn every step you take.

May you fail, again and again, so that you have many opportunities to learn.

May you always get one more pull-up than you thought possible.

May the rope move fast under your double-undering feet.

May you not be the one to knock over the chalk bucket. (And if you are, may you be the first to laugh.)

May the day hold a PR.

May the night hold much rest.

May your muscles be sore, so that you know you worked hard and that you are alive.

May the clock be your friend.

May you pass on the gift that someone passed to you.

May you live long and CrossFit.

Lisbeth Essays

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