Lisbeth CrossFit

We need a 12-step program. CrossFitters Anonymous. It’s long past overdue.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are addicted. We do CrossFit, we go to CrossFit competitions, we talk about CrossFit, we read about CrossFit, we watch CrossFit videos, we dream about CrossFit, we tell everyone we know about CrossFit.

We work out until time, an injury, or a coach tells us to “quit it” for a day or two. We sneak into the gym just to watch others CrossFit. We create countdown calendars to the CrossFit Games. We plan our vacations with visits to CrossFit affiliates in mind.

Our friends are CrossFitters, our family members are getting dragged to free workouts, and we’ve even stopped the mailman to tell him What We Can’t Shut Up About. Don’t even ask about the doctor’s appointments or the coffee break at work: yeah, those folks all get a healthy dose of “You haven’t heard of CrossFit? Oh, it’s so cool. Let me tell you about it.” Some of the nonbelievers want to throttle us. But we can’t stop. We don’t want to stop.

We suffer from Obsessive CrossFit Disorder (OCD). Or CrossFititis. Maybe CrossFitexia.

And the funny thing? We do it whether we’re brand new or have been at this for four years. The passion doesn’t fade.

We got a fever. And the only prescription is . . . more CrossFit.

Don’t even mention the CrossFit Games. We might OD right now. Just the body on the floor, iPad in the outstretched hand, Games competition streaming . . .

Lisbeth CrossFit

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