One Size Does Not Fit All

Lisbeth Essays

Sometimes, you misread things. You can have a great gut instinct, but you’re bound to get some wrong.

Maybe it’s the kettlebell weight in a long metcon, or the number of Toes to Bar you can do without throwing up. Or it’s a big, strong dude who can actually sprint like hell and blows past you. Or the smiling woman who suddenly kills everyone on the 400m walking lunges: whoops, guess who’s a competitive athlete after all? Or it might just be a friend you misread: turns out their intention behind those actions weren’t exactly what you thought.

Whatever it is, you’ve stepped your foot into a mess.

So what do you do?

Ignore. Evacuate. Or charge straight ahead.

Whichever one you pick says a lot about you, and can either help or hinder your recovery. And the wise choice is not always the same choice in each situation.

One size does not fit all. In lifting shoes, t-shirts, or life responses. So, be smart. Rest, recover, review. Look from another viewpoint. Take the blinders off. And see with fresh eyes. The world will look different. Now, be brave and charge forth again. You’re going to make mistakes: that’s okay. Just don’t make the same mistakes again and again or then we really need to talk.

Lisbeth Essays

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