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WTF has happened to people in this world? When did bitching become the hobby du jour?

“I don’t like that.” “But I can’t do that.” “This workout favors the stronger/lighter/faster/slower/heavier/younger/older/blue-eyed/olive-skinned/gamer/book worm mathlete.” “But that weight’s too heavy.” “That weight’s too light.”

This isn’t Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You don’t get to try everything until you find the bar that is “just right.” There’s no blanky or sleepy time during the workout.

You get what you’re given. And you do the workout.

See, you found CrossFit and part of its appeal was that in a super-careful, politically correct world, someone was going to say to you: “Here. Do this. Shut up and do it. Stop complaining. You might suck at it. So what. Work your weaknesses. Nobody is f***ing perfect all the time.”

And you liked that idea. It was rough and sexy. The gym was hot in a badboy way again. And it made you a better athlete, and a better person.

You joined because you were sick of not being as strong as you believed you could be. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

So, be strong now. In fact, be strong when faced with anything and everything in your life. And tackle that sh**.

Stop bitching and do work.

Lisbeth CrossFit Essays, Essays

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