Light or Shadow

Lisbeth Essays, Inspiration, Life, Motivation

Every day, in so many ways, you get to choose: Are you light? Or are you shadow?

Do you stand up and say what you believe? Or do you hide?

Do you clearly state, write, advocate, and fight for that which you know in your soul to be true? Or do you let the moments, and the opportunities, pass you by?

Each day, each hour, each minute of your life, you’re making the decisions that shape your life; that give it form, color, and substance. And you get to decide if the lines are light or dark, bold or barely there.

Most importantly, you get to choose if your voice is heard. Your voice — whether those lines are bold or sublime, bright or muted. But most importantly — yours. Not somebody else’s. Yours.

Authentic. Or inauthentic. Brave or scared. A fake or a cover? Or just frightened. You get to choose. But remember this: when we are brave, we inspire others. We can become light, if we so choose.

Speak. Or keep your peace.

Light or shadow: Decide.

Lisbeth Essays, Inspiration, Life, Motivation

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