Strength to Live This Way

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It takes strength to live this way: I’m not going to lie.

The workouts? The nutrition? The commitment to proper sleep and work and discipline?  The CrossFit Life? Not easy. CrossFit is hard. It should be hard. If it feels easy, you’re probably not going hard enough.

So, honestly, you might not be strong enough for CrossFit. You might be struggling. You might not be ready. You might not have what it takes. But in those reasons why you shouldn’t do CrossFit or why you shouldn’t stick with CrossFit are the reasons why you should.


Maybe you need CrossFit because you need to build strength. Maybe you need CrossFit because you need to improve balance, or coordination, or endurance — in all aspects of your life, physical and mental.

[box]Maybe you need CrossFit because you need to learn to commit, to make right choices, to improve yourself in those exact moments when you just want to give up and do “good enough” for the rest of your life.[/box]

Sometimes you have to chase who you’re not right now in order to find out who you are. And sometimes who you are is way stronger than you ever realized.

Maybe somebody in your life needs you to be better, stronger, faster, and more complete of a human being. Maybe that somebody is your family or friends. Or maybe that somebody is you.

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