You and Me

Lisbeth Essays

You and me. That’s what it really comes down. That’s really all we need.

We think we need more. We think we need SO much more. We THINK we need.

But we don’t.

If we have a barbell, great. If we have a room full of other people, awesome. If we have a 5000 square foot gym filled with kettlebells and rowers and medicine balls and bumpers, fantastic.

But if we only have a stretch of dirt and ourselves?

We can still CrossFit.

Throw away the notion of what you think you need, and truly realize your actual needs. Maybe more really is more if you are okay with less . . . and, if not, maybe more is a big old anchor dragging you down.

You and me. 3-2-1-Go.

Lisbeth Essays

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