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All men reveal themselves. 

Given enough time and enough trials, there is no heart that can verily be cloaked from the light of awareness. Every dark heart, every mean deed will eventually stand open and be lit by its own rapaciousness somewhere, at some point. Nothing can be hidden forever.

So it is too with good deeds and good hearts. That which is righteous will also have witnesses and come to bear in all its glory at some point, somewhere. And, perhaps, in the exact moment that no one expects.

Our trials, much like the feats of fitness we chase, are unknown and unknowable. [Tweet “But our hearts – oh, our hearts – had best be known and knowable, especially to ourselves.”]

So, when you’re in the gym and you’re struggling in that split-second at the bottom of a heavy clean, or you’re deep in a set of thrusters, or maybe you’re new and just struggling to maintain good form on your first and only rep of a bodyweight back squat — when you want to give up, when every sinew and tendon screams that you should give up, when surrender seems sweeter than ever, when to collapse in sweaty repose would be the best thing you have ever felt in this or another lifetime, know that this moment – this moment right here in your hands – is the one where you are made. Or lost.

You are not just training your body, or your legs, or your arms, or the muscle of your heart, or your lungs. You are training your mind, your memory, your heart that is not a muscle. [Tweet “You are training your soul.”]

Remember this … and stand up with the bar. This –this – is very important. Stand up.

All men reveal themselves. Work hard, every single day, to make certain your revelation is verily that which you wish it to be.



Lisbeth Barbell, CrossFit, Essays, Fitness, Life

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