On Healing

Lisbeth Injury, Mindset, Pain

What’s worse than injury? 

Fear of injury.

An injury will hurt. It will set you back. It might even cripple you, for a while. 

Injuries happen. In any sport. In regular life, too.

Who hasn’t tripped and fallen in their own house? Cut themselves with a sharp knife making dinner? Maybe, you’ve also torn up your knee on the softball field, or broken your collarbone on a hard crash when you hit a rock and went over your handlebars. And, yes, you’ve probably torn up your hands with too many pull-ups, or maybe tweaked your shoulder with a heavy snatch.

It hurts and you don’t always come away with the ball and a clear path to the hoop. Sometimes, you find yourself limping off the court for a while. Time to heal and get stronger again.

If you don’t get your mind right after an injury, you will never get your body back to where you were, or beyond that stage.

So, learn from your injury.

Be smart, but get over it.

It’s a mind game, and they lose. Don’t be most people. Be stronger—in mind and body.

Lisbeth Injury, Mindset, Pain

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