Always the Student

Lisbeth Essays

If you think you know it all, then you most certainly do not.

If you think people should listen to you — and you’re not listening to them — then you need to think about what it means to listen. And why it’s so damn important.

If you find yourself braying about the stupidity of others, then you need to recognize your own ignorance.

You are not some god in this world. You are not better than the others. You are simply different than the others.

Each person you meet has something they can teach you, if you are willing to watch, listen, observe, note. But you can only do so if you are the student, even when you are the teacher.

Learn and share your knowledge. But, remember, the best teachers never stop being the best students. These roles are intertwined like the sun and the sky. How can one exist without the other?

Lisbeth Essays

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