Stand Up and Deliver

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Stand up and deliver. This is what I want of you in your life. It’s probably what most people in your life really want, but they’re not as blunt as I am.

Stand up and deliver. In your work, in your workout, in your personal relationships. Be present and contribute in a meaningful way, or hopefully in a way that makes people say, “Holy hell, I’m glad she’s in my life!” (Or he, you know the grammar drill here.) And, if you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with a gift in this life — some skill that can help hundreds or thousands of people in this world — well, then I want you to deliver even more. It might not be fair, but you were given a gift. Now it’s your turn to give back.

This isn’t polite, is it? The PC way is to hug you and say that it’s okay that you give what you can. Or that you’re already doing enough. Well, screw PC. I want you to not only reach your potential, I want you to surpass it. I want more for you than you even want for yourself. I want more for you than you think you can deliver. But you can deliver it. I have faith in you.

Maybe you can’t handle this kind of pushing. Some folks can’t. When faced with their shortcomings, some people choose to shoot the messenger. Nothing could be wrong with their performance (they tried, after all) so the person pointing out room for improvement must be wrong. And they transfer their anger to someone else, like they could get rid of it that way. But here’s the rub: they can’t. That’s the Road to Bitter. Better to use your frustration on your own performance. This way you can improve.

Take a long, hard, fair look at your life today. Assess. Then, stand up and deliver.


Lisbeth Essays

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