On Pain

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life

Be wary of your suffering. Be alert if you feel a need to suffer for the sake of suffering. This is not a good sign.

Pain ought not to be welcomed like a lost family member, but endured like a storm, and then farewelled until the clouds move and darken again without your bidding.

Pain is a means to an end, not an end in itself. If you find that you want to stay in Pain Town, something is wrong, and you need to ask for directions out, quickly.

Walk down that dark path sometimes, but then get the hell out. Find your way back to the sunshine. Only the confused and those who need to suffer stay in the pain tunnel. It is a passageway, not a destination. Light is the destination.

Not everyone knows this, or can see their way out. Some people run aground a beautiful ship because they do not know how to be happy on the sea.

Don’t be them. Be you. Be strong. Use pain, but don’t ever let it be your friend.

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life

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