Thought Alone Won’t Do It

Lisbeth Fitness, Mindset

It’s not enough to think it.

I know there are tons of positive-thought books and websites and social media pages. People will tell you that if you think great thoughts, then great things will happen. It’s this idea that by thinking positive thoughts, you put energy into the world that will be returned to you.

That’s only partly true.

See, there’s this other part called action and that’s where the shit goes down. You can think good thoughts all the time, but if you don’t get off your ass and put some mojo behind your flow, then you’re not going to be any better tomorrow than you are today.

You really can’t think yourself richer or stronger or thinner or happier or more successful. And you absolutely can’t use mental power to make the Swedish Bikini Team appear in your living room. (Not that I’ve tried that. I mean, more than twice.)

Thoughts are important, definitely. Hugely important. Overwhelmingly influential in your day and your life. You must get your mind right. [Tweet “But then you absolutely must put your butt in gear too. “]

No one is going to knock on your front door and bring you the job you want, the partner you want, the body you want, or sunshine in a box.

The only thing that will be delivered to your front door is what you have bought and paid for—whether by money or effort or love. Give Amazon your money and they’ll ship you almost anything you desire. Give your focus and effort to running or your back squat and guess what happens? Your running or back squat improves. Give people your energy and love and they will show up for you when you need the same back from them. Well, most of them. Some folks are losers, but they’re lessons too. [Tweet “Be grateful for the clouds so that you can appreciate the light.”]

Remember that you absolutely must get your ass in gear too. Nothing happens by magic. [Tweet “A great life takes great effort. Get moving.”]



Lisbeth Fitness, Mindset

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