Run Now While the Sun Is Shining

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Are you scared to try CrossFit?

Have you read articles that trash CrossFit? Watched videos that make it look dangerous? Wondered how something that looks so fierce could be good for you? Or have you looked at some of the amazing bodies in CrossFit and thought, “That could never be me. I’m too old/slow/heavy/out of shape (pick one or all).”

Congrats, you psyched yourself out. You limited your choices based on what other people told you or showed you.

Now, I’m not here to tell you that you won’t get hurt at ANYTHING. I don’t know you. Maybe you fall off the curb easily, bruise instantly, or have a hard time following simple instructions. Or maybe I just described myself. But here’s my point: you might get hurt in the gym, you might get hurt in your kitchen, you might get hurt in your love life.

women athletes pushing weight sleds

I don’t know how to protect you from everything, and I don’t want to protect you from everything. I don’t even protect my own kids from everything.

  • I let them fall down.
  • I let them make mistakes.
  • I let them get their hearts broken.

But I’m there with a hand up, a hug, and a “Go get ’em, kid!” Because that’s what good mothers do. They don’t play the game for you, or tell you to stay in the house all of your life with the doors locked and the window shades drawn. 

A well-lived life is one in which risks were taken, hearts were broken, and people healed and became smarter, stronger, better, and more compassionate. Or at least that’s what I believe.

What do you believe? 

Do you know that life holds as many new beginnings as you wish to have, even now, in this moment, as you stare at your glowing screen amidst the hum of possibilities? Your fear has always been the barrier to what Grace Paley called “the open destiny of life” — and do you know that the question remains the same, no matter the years that pile up: Will you stay behind the barrier?

If not CrossFit, try something else. But try.

The days do not get longer or greater in number. Run now while the sun is shining.

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Fitness, Inspiration, Life, Motivation, Parenting

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