Two Steps to Regaining Confidence

Lisbeth Barbell, Fun, Mindset

I was reading this article called “How to Regain Confidence After Someone Puts You Down” and, while it was nice and touchy-feely (“Acknowledge your feelings”), I realized that it wasn’t exactly how I regain confidence. Allow me to introduce you to the Lisbeth Darsh Two-Step Method for Regaining Confidence™:

1.) Realize the person who put you down is full of shit.

2.) Lift something heavy. 

“Something heavy” can turn into a deadlift or back squat or even a thruster if you’re some sick kind of puppy, but you get what I’m saying.


Sure, we can go on about how that person is only projecting and what they said really had nothing to do with you, but I’m just going to tell you to read “The Four Agreements” and let you get to the gym.

lisbeth deadlift 2015

Somebody might have said something to piss me off. Or I was just hungry.

*Of course, this should not be mistaken for any kind of mental health advice. If you need help, get help. Also, my method is not trademarked, but I discovered that key combo™ on my Mac and I really like to use it now.™


Lisbeth Barbell, Fun, Mindset

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