10 Reasons Why Deadlifts Are Better Than Babies

Lisbeth Barbell, Fun

deadlifts at santa cruz strength

10. You can leave a deadlift out overnight and it will be fine.

9. Deadlifts don’t poop five minutes after you change them. 

8. You’re not a meanie if you yell at your deadlift.

7. You don’t need a man to have a deadlift.

6. Your mother-in-law never comes over to see your deadlift and stays three hours.

5. Deadlifts don’t drool like a faucet.

4. Deadlifts don’t make your nipples sore.

3. You don’t have to wear a blanket to nurse a deadlift.

2. Nobody brings a colicky deadlift on an airplane.

1. Deadlifts don’t cry if you don’t pick them up.



Lisbeth Barbell, Fun

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