Complaining? Change Your Mindset

Lisbeth Essays

You hold the power. You’ve always held the power. (Just like that daft, wandering Dorothy.) 

But what are you doing with that power? Your mind is this huge, incredible computer in your head and are you downloading crap into it, instead of firing up your personal Flux Capacitor and making it work for you all the time? Do you really need to watch more kitty videos on YouTube?

Or maybe you don’t need to hear this from me. Maybe you’re that one person in the world who reads everything good for them and only watches educational programs and maybe you’re boring as shit and I’m going to hate getting stuck next to you at a party somewhere. Who the heck am I going to show my kitty videos to? Do you even deadlift?

Or maybe I’m the boring egghead. This is a distinct possibility, too.

Whatever the truth here is, I know this much: we’re all probably underutilizing the power of our own mind. The next time you hear yourself complaining, stop and consider how you could toss that complaint and change your own mindset. It’s probably easier than you think. Try it.


Lisbeth Essays

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