5 Reasons Monday Is a Fantastic Day

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  1. You’re alive. I’m going to guess that everybody who died wishes they had one more Monday.
  2. If you did Sunday night right, then you got a running start to Monday. You’re not behind. You’re ahead.
  3. You love your job and you’re glad to be back at it! (Don’t love your job? Then Monday is a wake-up call to change your life. Pay attention.)
  4. It’s SQUAT DAY! (Or Bench Day. Or Deadlift Day. Heck, it’s a day you can go to the gym! Go!)
  5. Sunshine. Babies. Goofy dogs who jump on the bed. Cats when they are not coughing up hairballs. Old people who smile with that twinkle in their eye that says, “Oh honey, I know.”

And a million more reminders of how amazing every single day of this life really is. Look around you and see. 

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Lisbeth Essays, Inspiration, Life, Mindset

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