It’s Okay to Fall Out of Love with CrossFit

Lisbeth CrossFit, Fitness

Once upon a time, I was like you, so excited about my new love and how good I felt, and there was social media to help me spread the word about my relationship.

Yup, I was a CrossFitter. And I couldn’t shut up about CrossFit.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, at work, at parties, at home, and even in the grocery store, I opened my mouth everywhere. I wanted everyone to feel as good as I felt! I shouted for years and years. 

It was all great … until it wasn’t.

I didn’t exactly fall out of love with CrossFit. There wasn’t some big argument and a break-up. No loud argument with thrown kettlebells.

Break-ups aren’t always like that. Sometimes one person just kind of drifts away, a little bit at a time. They might find a new interest but just as often they don’t. It wasn’t about that interest, after all. It was always about them and how the relationship filled them up … until it didn’t.

One day my needs were met with CrossFit … and then one day they just weren’t. And that’s okay. The same thing happened with basketball, softball, running, mountain biking, road biking, and triathlons (and a few girlfriends). Why wouldn’t it happen with CrossFit too?

Evidence of a series of passions doesn’t always reveal a lack of commitment. Sometimes, you just have a good multi-year run and then it ends. No hard feelings.

After all, what was important in all those methods of movement? The love itself, the movement itself, not necessarily the delivery vehicle.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you’re like me and you fell out of love with CrossFit, that’s okay.

Maybe you still CrossFit sometimes, or maybe never, or maybe it’s still a small part of your workout. All answers will be graded as correct. And if you’ve moved onto Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting or endurance running or any of the thousand ways there are to move your body and make it stronger or more fit? That’s okay, too. Ditto if you still CrossFit every day and you love it! (Some people stay married for their whole lives. No harm there either!)

The point is to move.

Just because CrossFit brought you to the dance doesn’t mean you only have to dance with her all the time. Give her a wink and keep moving. Date her sometimes but don’t let her rule your life like before. Remember: you’re the person in relationship with yourself for the long haul. Take care of you.

I’ll see you at the gym.


Lisbeth CrossFit, Fitness

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