Stop the Go Hard or Go Home Nonsense

Lisbeth Essays, Fitness, Mindset

“Go hard or go home.”

Stop it. Stop listening to this bullshit and stop repeating it. Saying it won’t make you tougher. It will only make you sound stupid.

Unless you’re a prisoner. Maybe if you’re in a cage 24/7, then you should go hard every single time. You’ve got issues. Work them out through exercise. You’ve got the time.

But the rest of us?

  • Sometimes we should go hard … and sometimes we should go easy.
  • Sometimes we should go medium.
  • Sometimes we’re all “I’M ON FIRE” in a workout … and then we’re like “I’M DYING” and we have to slow it down a notch.

Sometimes our back or our leg or our shoulder is just too spicy and going hard will mean re-injury and a couple of weeks of downtime. That’s not smart.

There is no “go hard or go home” law. No penalty.

And stay away from the misguided who tell you it is. Stay away from the fools who paint everyone with the same brush.

Do what works for you.

Things will be okay. Just keep showing up. Don’t chicken out.

Love everyone … but don’t listen to idiots. Go hard away from them.

Lisbeth Essays, Fitness, Mindset

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