You Might As Well Do It Now

Lisbeth Mindset

Nothing will be easier tomorrow.

Your heart won’t be stronger. You won’t be younger. No prince or magic fairy will arrive to save you.

So what are you waiting for?

People say “seize the day” but what they really mean is “take charge right now.” This very minute. Don’t wait.

Everyone who has freed themselves had to walk the tightrope of despair into their new life and that walk never got easier because they waited. It was still painful and scary and yet they did it. They made it. And so will you.

So go now. Do now. Be now.

Nothing will be easier tomorrow. But that’s okay. Because you will be stronger than ever. Trust me, the strength you need will come. 

So go out there and shine, darling.

You got this.

Lisbeth Mindset

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