The Comfort Zone

Lisbeth Mindset

For some folks, it’s not easy to get into the bottom of the squat.

They have to work to get there. Their hips don’t drop easily down and their torso comes forward.

But for some folks, it’s easy to squat. They just plunk down and look like little ducks, chest upright, wondering what all the hullabaloo is about with squatting. It comes naturally to them.

What’s easy for one may not be easy for the other.

Give me any kind of squat and I’m a happy girl. Ask me to handstand, I can do it. Tell me to forward roll and I’m going to need a little time to myself in the corner because that’s out of my comfort zone.

Comfort zones are a nice thing we’ve all created for ourselves in our lives. The CZ is a beautiful place – warm, happy, full of stuff that makes us feel good about ourselves and in control of our world. Stepping out of that CZ is kind of scary.

But, see, here’s the cool thing about training: It makes us live outside of the CZ.

For an hour a day, your CZ is gone. Demolished, destroyed, wrecked. It doesn’t exist. You’re out on the edge. You have to do stuff that makes you uncomfortable. And you have to stay there for a little while.

Then the workout ends, and you go back to your CZ.

But the cool thing is that you’re stronger because you went outside of your zone.

It might only have been a bunch of overhead squats, but you did them and you survived. Next time, you’ll do better and with more weight. You’ll get stronger.

Once you throw off the shackles of your fears, it’s easier to live life. And it’s a whole lot more fun.

So don’t wait for anybody or anything else to unlock your spirit. Set yourself free.

Step out of your Comfort Zone and into the rest of this life.


Lisbeth Mindset

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