Go To Your Dark Place

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There is no happy place.

When you really want results, you have to learn to go into the pain, into the dark spaces, into the blackness.

Happy won’t get you where you want to go. You can’t take your mind away from the pain if you want to achieve. You have to go straight at the pain and enter it. Live it. Breathe it. But I will say you don’t have to love it. (You’re going to scare me a little bit if you love the pain.)

Are you with me here?

When kind, misguided people say “Go to your happy place” in a workout, tell them NO.

  • Tell them that you won’t settle for happy places and mediocrity.
  • Tell them you won’t settle for second best, second place, second anything.
  • Tell them you were not born to be fucked with.

And if that means going into hell, well, okay then.

Bring the dark spaces. Bring the night. Bring hell. You’re ready.

It’s that simple. You either achieve, or you settle. You compromise. You accept. You give in. You give up.

And you die: A little bit, day by day, happy place workout by happy place workout. Not just your body, but your soul.

Refuse to let that happen. 

Don’t settle. Don’t take “good job”, good enough, or good to go. Demand better, best, outstanding from yourself. Be willing to pay the price. Sure, every day is not going to be your best day, but that’s called accepting reality, not accepting mediocrity.

Want your top performance, no matter what pain or discomfort you have to go through in order to get it from yourself. To you, knowing you did your best has to become more important than feeling good. You can feel good after you finish. Simply want it all. And be willing to walk through the gates of hell to get there.

F*** this bizarre, antiquated, unrealistic dream of a Happy Place. Say hello to success.

Lisbeth Essays, Inspiration, Life, Mindset

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