Your Inner Firebreather

Lisbeth Darsh CrossFit

Everyone has an inner firebreather.

An edge inside that you can bite down on, some inner strength that gets you through the hard times, a kick-a** “I’m not flippin’ quittin’ now” attitude.

For some of us, it’s there all the time, right below the “nice” surface that society requires of us.

We’re ready to do battle with the world, even when the world isn’t trying to fight us. The knight inside us always has a sword in hand, ready to plunge and strike and defend the castle. Life is a series of battles to conquer and persevere and survive and win. So, our path to improvement lies in learning to control the inner firebreather, in learning to appreciate that which lies outside the battle, indeed in learning to appreciate all that which lies outside ourselves.

But some of us are not that way.

Some people need to find that inner firebreather, to awaken the battle spirit, to call forth the knight from his slumber. These types of people do not see the battle until they are in it – and they yearn to get away from it.

To see what CrossFit does for them is nothing short of remarkable. Once they realize that the path to great performance and results lies in biting down hard, in calling forth something tough and ready and almost primordial – a survival mechanism seemingly lingering in our DNA since caveman times – once they realize that tapping the inner firebreather at the right times is key to their success in CrossFit, in business, in life – well, then things change. They learn to breathe fire when they need to and the results are fantastic.

Your inner firebreather is waiting.

Go let it out to play for a while. You can always lock it up again and be nice for the rest of the day. But let it out just for a spell. Really. Slay some dragons. The castle needs defending. Get on it. 3-2-1-Go!

Lisbeth Darsh CrossFit

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