Drama-Free Zone

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Drama = poison.

Once people start with the poison, the sickness spreads, so stop the drama fast. In your job. In your life. In your gym.

Talk. Find those with the drama and talk to them. You might even have to invite them to leave. Sure, you might lose a few members or trainers or friends. But best that you do it right away. Your life will be lighter and clearer and better. Nothing good comes from drama, so get rid of it.

And if it’s YOU who is the Drama Queen? Then learn to shut your own mouth.

Don’t save your drama for your mamaeven she doesn’t want to hear it. Just learn to STFU. Better to be silent than to whine. Better to be thoughtful than to grouse.

If you’ve got a legitimate gripe, take it directly to the person whose behavior is bugging you. Speak to them civilly. Listen to them in return. Communicate.

When you pull up to your gym (whether it’s a CrossFit affiliate or a regular gym or your garage) leave your troubles at the door.

They only want to know how strong you are. So be strong.

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Fitness, Inspiration, Life, Motivation

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