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Recovering from a bad start is not an easy thing to do. But it’s a skill you have to learn — in the gym, in your relationships, at work, in life.

Sometimes, you start your WOD and everything just sucks. Everything. Your hook grip feels funny, you smack your chin with the bar, and your chest-to-bar pull-up catches . . . only air. WTF.

Life sucks. You suck. And then you die.

Or so it seems.

In reality, though, you have basically two choices: You can get bitter or you can better. You can quit or you can make something of this piece of sh** day you’re having. That’s always your choice. Nobody makes it but you.

So, decide. Reset your jaw and come right back at that WOD, and life.  Make it — WILL it — to get better. Finish your rep, finish your round, finish what you started. Do what you said you would do.

Or be a p**** and go cry about it. Quit something else in this life. Give up. And then convince yourself that you never really wanted it anyhow. Because that’s just how you roll.

[box]Your day, your choice, your life.[/box]

Recovery isn’t a drink after a workout. It’s the entire way you approach life.

Lisbeth Essays

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