Don’t Avoid The Suck

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You can’t avoid the suck. You want to think you can. You want to think there are ways and methods and things and products that can help you avoid the suck and just get all the good stuff in life — like picking the good caramels in a box of chocolates and leaving those ones with the weird pink fluffy stuff inside.

But life doesn’t work that way. And most great things don’t come about that way.

Some gyms and “fitness” magazines will tell you that you can avoid the suck — do it in fewer days, fewer hours, less pain. “Success in 3 easy steps!” “Success in 30 days!” They think you’re stupid and weak. But you’re not. You know that.

You also know life is hard. You know that you have to work repeatedly — and really hard — for whatever you want … and that you won’t always get it. That’s part of the suck. But you also know that it’s all worth trying for, and that if you really try — put your heart and your body and your soul on the line — that you’ll get … something. It might not always be what you were aiming for: it might be less, but in that less it might be more.


Think of it this way: Ever lose at something? Think you’re going to come in first and you come in fifth? Or last? Ever learn a shitton from that performance? Yup. You came up with less, but you got more. Ever suffer through “Murph” with twenty or fifty of your buddies in 95 degree heat? Your time sucked, right? But the experience? It was so much more than the time on the clock.

Sometimes you go through the suck and the prize at the end is totally and wholly different than whatever you had your eye on. That’s okay.

Suckage always teaches a lesson. You just have to train yourself to look for it.

The good stuff is on the other side of it.


Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Inspiration, Life, Motivation

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