Who You Are

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Who you’ve been isn’t who you have to be.

Do you get that? Really get it? Do you understand that at any point in your life you can change?

Now, don’t go off on me here. Bills, obligations, families – yes, these things exist. Yes, they are important. We all have duties, responsibilities, obligations. I’m not telling you to get into your car, hit the gas, and never look back. Life is not a Springsteen song.

I just want you to consider this fact: You get one life. ONE. This one you’re living right now.

And you either get to be happy in it … or you get to be miserable. Every day, you make a number of choices – each of which either moves you closer to happiness or farther away.

Or (perhaps even worse) you stay in limbo FORfuckingEVER.

I should know. I spent 15 years in limbo, trying to figure out how to change my life. So, I’m not just flapping my gums here. I’ve been in the dark hole and I’ve climbed into the light. Let me tell you this: it’s such a fabulous view from here that I wonder why I didn’t head for the mountaintop earlier. But more importantly, if I can do it, anyone can.

And get this: no matter what our circumstances or position in this life, we are all lucky people.

We found our way to the gym. We know of a unique way to better ourselves physically and mentally. And, once we do that? So many more opportunities to improve reveal themselves. Mediocre becomes a bitter fruit because you learn to hate the taste of it. And excellence, once it dances on your tongue, is hard to forget.

Then you simply want it in all of your life – in your work, in your home, in your love, in your heart, in your mind.

So, if you’re not entirely thrilled with who or what you are in this life, take heart: You can change.

You already have the tools to get started. Who you are is not who you fucking have to be.


Lisbeth Fitness, Inspiration, Mindset

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