Do Not “Empower” Me

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woman peering over bumper plate in gym

I don’t want to be “empowered”—that sounds like someone else is giving me power.

Like I’ve been a good girl and done all the “right” things and now I get a treat.

No, I don’t want that.

I want to seize power, grab power, take power.

Like you take a lover: hot, breathless, and wanting more.

The volume is turned up, the feelings are turned up, your heart has turned up. Finally.

It was missing until now, or just hiding. Hesitant. Shy. A little scared.

Ollie ollie umphrey. You can reveal your heart, you can reveal yourself, without losing the game. Life is not a game. It never was. You just believed the others when they said you should be scared and hide your feelings, your heart, yourself, any and all parts of you that didn’t fit in, that didn’t match the others, that looked odd or awkward or weird. The others were scared and hid. That didn’t have to be you. It never had to be you. It doesn’t have to be you now.

Walk into the moonlight. Stride into the moonlight. Kick the can. Far and high. See it soar, watch it fall. Hear it clatter to the ground and see the metal bounce. Don’t run. Stay where you are.

Dare the others to catch you and imprison you. Like they could ever do that. Like anyone could ever imprison you. 

How silly that you ever listened to those warnings, believed that fear. It took forever in this lifetime to realize that the power was in you all the time. It took forever to truly understand that the others never could really touch it or you.

That’s the power I want. No one can give it to me.

It can’t be given. It sits here—in my own soul.

I must take it.

Don’t empower me. That would be like tossing a match on a blazing bonfire.

I got this.

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Lisbeth Fitness, Inspiration, Mindset

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