Why Are You Waiting to Achieve?

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Why are you waiting to achieve?

Why are you thinking, “Starting next year, I will . . .”

Stop thinking that way. Stop planning what you really want to do and instead just do. Now. Stop saying “Starting next year, I’m going to . . . ”

Instead, say, “Today, I am  . . . “

There’s really no reason your new workout plan, your new eating habits, your new choices have to wait even one more day. You’re only putting things off because you can — and because you’ve accepted some notion in society that the New Year is a good time to do that, or that Monday is the day you start things, or that you couldn’t possibly get through the holidays without pigging out and racking up a few pounds.

Stop thinking like the herd. Think like the bull instead.

Decide what you want and start working towards it right now. NOW. Don’t wait another day.

This life is short. Waiting to achieve is Waiting for Godot. Ever see that play? Two characters spend two acts talking about someone who NEVER shows up. What the hell? It’s called a tragi-comedy. Is your life a tragi-comedy? Whose fault is that? Yours. Nobody else’s. So stop letting it be that way.

If you want a 400lb back squat, start working today towards it. If you want an unassisted pull-up, what can you do today that will help you towards that goal? If you need more sleep, then take it, starting tonight.

Don’t wait and don’t put the onus on anybody or anything else for you to achieve.

“There’s man all over for you, blaming on his boots the fault of his feet.” — Act I of “Waiting for Godot.”

Don’t blame your boots and don’t let your life be waiting for Godot. Don’t let your life be waiting to achieve.

Act now.

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Inspiration, Life, Motivation

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