5 Ways to Have More Fun at CrossFit

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1.) Get over yourself and your day.

A workout is the perfect opportunity to breathe and move on from whatever sucked in your life today. So do that. Leave the BS on the mat with your smelly sweatdrops. This might be the best chance you will have today to feel fabulous. (Well, that is, after you feel terrible first.)

2.) Stop watching the clock.

Lose yourself in the movement, not the seconds. Figure out how to do the movement better and your time will come down. Watching the numbers as they tick won’t solve shit.

3.) Get to know the goofy people in your gym.

Seriously. Some of the best folks come in the oddest packages. If you’re brave at the barbell, be brave in your friendships. SO much fun can be had outside “the cool kids.”

4.) When you go to a new movement in the WOD, always do at least 3 reps before you rest.

For example: when you switch from kettlebell swings to pull-ups, get a few pull-ups before you rest or take a few extra breaths. Will this make your workout more fun? NO! But it will get it over faster, and returning oxygen to your lungs is fun, so . . .

5.) Laugh more.

It sounds stupid, but the more you laugh, the more you will laugh. We are (mostly) a bunch of high-achievers, gunning for glory all the time. Keep that up 24/7 and life will eat at your soul. So, sometimes, in the gym, laugh or smile at the most inopportune moments. Your whole energy will change. (I like to yell “THIS IS FUN!” when it clearly is not. It almost always makes other folks smile along with me.) The workout will still suck, but you’ll be a whole lot happier about the suckiness.

And, mostly, remember that it’s just fitness. If it makes you a happier person? Great! If it makes you more of an asshole? Bad! Go do something else!

Lisbeth Barbell, CrossFit, CrossFit Essays, Essays, Fitness, Fun, Life

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